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What the Foam!?

The amazing thing about Florida Foam Factory is that we bring the Foam Fun to you! Due to our completely mobile set up we can have your foam party anywhere that you have access to water hook up and electrical. Want a party out in the backyard? No problem! maybe the front driveway or the side yard would be more convenient? Great! That works for us too. We can shoot our foam on any surface like Grass, concrete, tile, wood, turf, and even sand!

We have found that we can stack our foam the highest when we are in grass but with our set up we can do whatever is most convenient for you and your space! Parents always ask us what's in the foam and what is it going to do to my yard/area. Our Foam is completely plant-based and 100% biodegradable! The foam solution that we use is made up of the first two ingredients found in children's shampoo which makes it tear-free and completely skin safe even for our friends that have extra sensitive skin.

We know that some companies have used products like Dawn dish soap to create their mounds of foam. Florida Foam Factory is happy to report that our solution will not kill your yard or landscaping because we are not using any brands of dish detergent. With our special formula we leave your yards happy and your loved ones and pets safe.

Our plain white foam that is standard in our base party packages doesn't stain or leave behind any residue for you to have to worry about cleaning up after the party is over. Most parents ask us to leave our mountains of foam fun for the kids, and adults, to play in after our Foam Crew is packed everything away. If requested we can house down the foam which helps to wash it away.

Now that you know our foam is safe for skin, eyes, and even yard there is only one question left to ask.

When are you having Florida Foam Factory out to make your next party or get together FOAMtastic?

We are ready! It's time to play again!

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