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What does it take to throw a Kid's Foam Party?

Let's face it, the last few years have been rough on everyone. One thing that a lot of families struggled with that doesn't get talked about often is how so many people simply missed birthdays. We all found creative ways to throw "zoom parties" and "drive-by parties" but it just wasn't the same. A lot of parents have been trying to find ways to make up for lost time and throw a party unlike anything before and that can be quite the undertaking! A large number of parents are just simply tired of having a giant inflatable in their yard year after year and are looking for new ways to celebrate with their loved ones.

Thankfully for them, and possibly you, Florida Foam Factory is here to help make that next party one to remember! Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get from parents and grandparents about what we do.

  • What is the age range?

  • So what is a "Kid's Foam Party?"

  • How long of a party should I have?

and Finally,

  • What do I have to do?

The great news is that a Foam Party is for anyone and everyone! We have thrown foam parties for 1 year-olds up to celebrating a 50th. Our foam is hypo-allergenic, 100% plant-based, and skin/eye-safe. Our foam is also safe for your yard and will not kill your grass which is always a relief to hear.

When you have Florida Foam Factory come out to help you throw the perfect kid's birthday party we try to take a lot of the stress and worry out of your hands. Our professional team of "Foam Experts" will show up early to your location to make setup a breeze. Simply point us to the water hook up and an outdoor electrical outlet and we take care of the rest! We bring the Foam Fun to you! Our special cannon, safety barriers, fun lights, and family-friendly music will get your party rocking as we blast out a mountain of foam fun to fill your space. Clean up is just as easy, our team packs up our gear and the foam can even hang around for some extra fun even when we have gone.

The length of the Foam fun depends on the type of party you are looking to throw, we find for most kids 13 and under our One-hour package is just the right amount of time. When it comes to teens and adults we find 90 minutes seems to be the sweet spot. Our team can help talk through all of our different options to custom create a Foam Party Package that is just right for your event or celebration!

If you are looking to make up for lost time or just throw a party that your loved ones (and neighbors) won't be able to stop talking about your search is over. Florida Foam Factory is here to make that dream a reality. It's time to play again!

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