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What is a Glow Foam party?

The top 3 questions we get asked by parents when they are looking at booking us for a Glow Foam party is:

  1. What is "Glow Foam"?

  2. What does it take for us to upgrade our party to a GLOW party?

  3. How is a Glow Foam party different from your regular Foam parties?

Florida Foam Factory makes every party incredibly fun and memorable with professional sound equipment, a fully customizable playlist of age-appropriate music, and fun party lights for day or nighttime parties. A Glow Foam party can be for kids foam parties, teens, or even a foam party for adults. The difference is we add an FDA-approved UV solution to our foam solution that makes the entire batch glow under blacklight! Glow Foam parties are a huge hit but they look best when the sun has already set and it is dark out. If you have outside lighting that you turn on when it gets dark out you will want to turn those off to give the UV Glow Foam its best look!

We bring the same professional sound system and fun lights as well as two special UV blacklights that make the entire field of foam glow like it’s radioactive! Of course, the foam is completely skin-safe it just glows to turn your party into a neon party filled with UV foam fun!

Glow foam will cause clothes to lightly retain color but the glow washes out in a regular wash and does not permanently stain clothes or items. The amazing part about the UV additive is even if it is on a shirt you can’t see it unless it is under blacklight.

When the foam can starts launching out of our FOAMZOOKA and it is glowing under our party lights we will make your party or celebration a night none of your guests will ever forget!

When the party is over cleanup is a breeze! No, seriously. The foam dissipates on its own and if the breeze picks up you'll get the experience of watching clouds of foam take flight off into the sky! Our Foam Crew will load up our equipment and put anything back that was moved to make it possible for us to share the foam fun with you. If your party was on the grass then no extra steps are needed for cleaning up Glow Foam, If it was on a hard surface all that would be needed is a quick rinse with your hose and everything will wash right off!

If you are ready to turn your next party or celebration into a nighttime GLOW Foam Party send us a message so we can help you plan your perfect party the way only Florida Foam Factory can!

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